Our primary products are pistol grips.  Most of these are custom fitted to our customer frames for FREE.  Every single pair, without exception, is carved and finished by hand.  There is no better way to make a high quality pair of grips.  It is because of this effort that we are very proud of what we offer.  Our customers are just as proud to show them off to friends and family.

Over the years we have created some very unique materials starting with, our most well known, Tru Ivory.  But this is not the only material we have made.  There is Tru Ebony as well as a small collection of very unique pearl like materials.  We have even created custom material based upon the specifications and desires of several customers.  In addition we also work with materials made outside of our shop including Bonded Malachite and Turquoise.  We have used high strength reinforced materials such as G10, Carbon Fiber, and various Micartas.  I shouldn't forget the natural materials either.  There has been bone from several different species including Giraffe, elephant tusk ivory, buffalo horn, Red Stag, Sambar Stag and many types of wood.

We are eager to work with every individual customer and we can satisfy just about any grip requirement for distributors and as an OEM.

Tru Ivory:
Tru Ivory is our flagship product and is the most well known.  Surprisingly it reaches
the other side of the globe.  It is manufactured in-house and its exact methods and components for manufacturing are closely guarded trade secrets.  It's not unlike the secret formulae for Coke.

We have built a special lab in our shop dedicated to the R&D of knew materials and the production of same.  Including Tru Ivory.  Our lab is equipped with a specially designed and built air scrubber that is capable of replacing every cubic foot of air in the lab in just over 1 minute.  It takes our dedicated lab operator hours to prepare enough material for just one small batch.  At most this would be enough for approximately 15-18 pairs of grips.  Our lab did not spring up over night and it continues to be a work in progress.

Tru Ivory must go through a multi-step post curing process to completely remove all organic vapors and to establish that any shrinkage of the material takes place before further processing.

When finally and completely cured Tru Ivory is ready for the first stage of post processing.  It is at this point the small blocks are cut, thickness sanded, marked with a proper ID code and then inventoried waiting for us to make your pair of grips.

Advantages of Tru Ivory over Real Ivory:  It can soak for a lifetime in water with no harmful affect.  It is capable of withstanding most common types of solvents as well as many acids and bases.  It comes in an age appropriate color integral to its manufacture.  These are Natural White, Slightly Aged, Antique Yellow and Ultra Antique.  Other imitations available can survive much of the same but ours can always take a high polish.  It easily works with abrasive paper and tools.  It is resistant to just about every dye we could get to test.  It's simply the best of all worlds.

We also manufacture the following material for grips and knife handles...

Gold Rush Grips
Tru Ebony
Custom Solid Colors
Custom Pearlites
Custom Semi-Metallic

in addition...

Limited or one of a kind grips from various
materials such as Mammoth ivory,  Dyed Giraffe bone, exotic woods, bone, bonded stone and more. See more...

Custom materials will generally have additional costs associated with them.

Every Single Pair
Hand Crafted

Prepared Tru Ivory with rough template markings.

Making the cut.

Fitting the grip shoulder.

Tracing to the grip frame.

Spindle sanding rough fit.

Tapering on belt sander.

Ready to carve grip.
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