Below are the Make and Model of
Handguns for Which We Make Grips. We Also Offer
Blocks and Knife Scales.
Though there are probably more guns that we can stock...just ask.
If your handgun is not on the list there is still the chance that we can outfit it.

Most grips are carved to order, even stock models.  This means that you can have them profiled and carved the way you want. Remember...
Custom fitting is FREE

PLEASE NOTE: Never send parts to us without calling first.

Stock Models Available       Oversize Available       Free Custom Fit Available 

Single Action Revolvers
  Beretta Stamped most models
  Cap & Ball most models
  Colt SAA 1st, 2nd & 3rd

Cimarron Lightning
  Cimarron Thunderer

  Cimarron most models
  NAA Mini Revolvers

  Navy Arms most models
  Remington '58
  Remington '75 & '90

  Ruger Vaquero Plow Handle

  Ruger Vaquero Bird's Head

  Ruger Vaquero Bisley
  Ruger Vaquero New Model

  Ruger Blackhawk

  Ruger Super Blackhawk

  Ruger Old & New Army

  Taurus Gaucho most models
  Taylor's and Co.
most models
  Uberti Mfg. Schofeild
  Uberti most models

  Just About any Cap & Ball

  All Cap & Ball
  American Arms

  Bond Arms




  Double Action Revolvers
  Colt's Detective Special
              Short Frame

  Colt's 1917 New Service

Ruger GP 100 Grip Insert

  Ruger SP 101 Grip Insert

  Smith & Wesson Magna Style
              J Frame Square Butt

              J Frame Round Butt

              K Frame Square Butt

              L Frame Square Butt

              N Frame Square Butt

              N Frame Round Butt


  1911 Officer/Compact

         (options --- flat bottom, beveled
         bottom, rollpin cutout, ambi
         cutout and bobtail corner)
  Colt 1903

  Luger (no grip safety)

  Ruger Mark I & II

               Left or Right Target

Knife Scales and Blocks in Stock and Custom Sizes

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